Gender Equity Resource Center: Sexual Harassment Info Sheet 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: University of California, Berkeley Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Some examples of potential sexual harassment: … Sexual innuendoes and comments about your clothing, body or sexual activities … ; Suggestive or insulting sounds (ie: cat calls, whistles, etc.: hostile environment); Humor and jokes about sex in general that make someone feel uncomfortable or that they did not consent to (hostile environment); Sexually harassing a person or group based on perceived or actual gender, sexuality, age, disability, race, etc. (ie: a teacher telling a class that “pretty girls aren’t good at science”; calling someone a lesbian because they want to play sports; a group of peers at school saying loudly how “Latin women are always wildcats in bed”, calling a man “fag” because he doesn’t play football, etc: hostile environment) ….

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