Student Handbook: Student-to-Student Sexual Misconduct Policy 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Statement Rating: Red

Relevant excerpt

Peer Sexual Harassments includes intentional persistent, malicious, lewd or other verbal or physical behavior with sexist or sexual connotations which annoys, bothers, disconcerts or embarrasses another by communication via media, telephone or printed material.

Specific types of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to, those items listed below; they do not limit the scope of the charges that may be brought to only these acts. 1. verbal harassment or abuse 2. subtle pressure for sexual activity 3. sexist remarks about a person’s clothing, body, or sexual activities 4. unnecessary touching, patting or pinching, leering or ogling of a person’s body 5. constant brushing against a person’s body 6. demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats 7. physical assault

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