Spartan Life Student Handbook: Appropriate Use of MSU E-mail Services by Internal Users on MSUnet 13-14

Category: Internet Usage Policies School: Michigan State University Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

The University’s e-mail services are not intended as a forum for the expression of personal opinions.

Bulk e-mail: The transmission of an identical or substantially identical e-mail message within a 48-hour period from an internal user to more than 10 other internal users who have not elected to receive such e-mail.

Unsolicited E-mail: E-mail received by a person who has not elected to receive the e-mail by having indicated a prior interest and willingness to receive communications from the sender (e.g., having previously sent a communication to the sender to which the sender may be responding; being an acquaintance of the sender; belonging to a set of individuals who have chosen to affiliate and communicate with one another for a particular University purpose). Unsolicited e-mail is often known colloquially as “spam.”

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