Student Regulations, Policies, and Procedures: Sexual Offense Policy 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: Oberlin College Statement Rating: Red

Relevant excerpt

Sexual offense is behavior, which calls attention to gender, sexuality, gender identity or sexual orientation of persons in a manner, which prevents or impairs an individual’s full enjoyment of educational or occupational benefits or opportunities. Enjoyment of educational or occupational benefits is to be interpreted broadly. Consequently, a sexual offense may occur on or off campus as long as it affects the campus community.

a. Sexual Harassment

(1) Sexual harassment means unwelcome sexual conduct which has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s performance or which creates an environment that a reasonable person would find hostile, offensive, or intimidating.

(2) Sexual harassment includes behavior that is inappropriate to the academic or employment setting—for example, unwelcome comments, gestures, jokes, pictures, objects or touching—which may reasonably be perceived as a sexual overture or sexual denigration. This includes making known to other people a person’s sexual orientation without their consent, and with the intent to denigrate that person sexually.

(3) Sexual harassment includes a request for sexual favors when submission to or rejection of such a request might reasonably be viewed as a basis for evaluative decisions affecting an individual’s career or educational experience.

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