Policy and Regulations Governing the Use of Campus 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies, Statement School: University of Arizona Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Where a proposed event presents a concern for the health or safety of the
attendees, the University Community, or the public, or potential damage to
Univesity property or facilities, the University may require the event
sponsor to pay security costs adequate for the protection of those who
may attend the event and the University property involved. In determining
whether such a requirement is imposed, the Dean of Students and the
University of Arizona Police Department will consider objective criteria,
including the following: (1) the number of anticipated attendees, (2)
whether the proposed event involves an activity or structure that poses an
inherent risk of injury or property damage, (3) whether the sponsor intends
to charge admission to the event; and (4) any prior incidents of injury or
property damage during similar events at the University or other

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