Princeton University Information Technology Policy 13-14

Category: Internet Usage Policies School: Princeton University Statement Rating: Red

Relevant excerpt

When using the campus technologies or access to network technologies provided by the University, or in any other venue in which you are acting as an agent of the University, you must refrain from creating and sending, posting, or displaying, or causing to be sent or posted, or displayed, or assisting to create and send or cause to be sent, posted, or displayed, any malicious, harassing, or defamatory messages or statements regarding another person, via email, instant message, text message, Twitter or voice mail, by posting to message boards, mailing lists, social networks or newsgroups, by posting to the World Wide Web or Google Plus, by issuing as a virtual reality avatar, or by inclusion in a video produced for broadcast via the campus network, TigerTV, or YouTube or similar service.

You must be sensitive to the public nature of shared facilities, and take care not to display on workstations in such locations inappropriate images, sounds or messages which could create an atmosphere of menace or harassment for others.

You also must refrain from transmitting to others in any location inappropriate images, sounds or messages that are clearly threatening, hostile, or harassing in contradiction to the code of civility defined in RRR.

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