RAM Student Handbook: Sexual Harassment Policy 12-13

Category: Harassment Policies, Statement School: Framingham State University Statement Rating: Green

Relevant excerpt

While it is not possible to list
all those additional circumstances that may constitute sexual harassment,
the following non-exhaustive list cites some examples of conduct, which, if unwelcome, may constitute sexual harassment depending upon the
totality of the circumstances including the severity of the conduct and its
- making unwelcome sexual propositions, whether they involve physical
touching or not, or pressuring one for sexual favors;
- touching of a sexual nature;
- writing graffiti of a sexual nature
- displaying or distributing sexually explicit drawings, pictures, or written
- performing sexual gestures or touching oneself sexually in front of others;
- spreading sexual rumors or rating others as to sexual activity or
- circulating or showing emails or websites of a sexual nature
- references to and inquiries about sexual conduct and body parts, including
one’s own
- unwelcome leering, whistling, brushing against the body, and sexual

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