Residence Hall Handbook: Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment 12-13

Category: Harassment Policies, Statement School: Barnard College Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Students will not engage in any form of harassment, intimidation, threat, or abuse (whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied) which is intended for a specific member or group within the community. This includes (but is not limited to) harassment in person, via telephone or voicemail, postal mail, forms of electronic communication (e.g. email, Facebook, other web communities), or having someone else do so on your behalf. Such behavior or actions, whether done intentionally or with reckless disregard, are not permitted in the residence halls. "It was just a joke" or "I was intoxicated" are not acceptable excuses. Students are responsible for their behavior and that of their guest(s) at all times.

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