Harassment and Discrimination Policy 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: University of Richmond Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

The University prohibits discrimination and harassment against applicants, students, faculty or staff on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, status as a veteran or any classification protected by local, state or federal law.

Harassment is the creation of a hostile or intimidating environment, in which verbal or physical conduct, because of its severity and/or persistence, is likely to interfere significantly with an individual’s work or education, or affect adversely an individual’s living conditions on campus.

Illegal and improper harassment based on any of the classifications in paragraph 1, may include: … Making unwelcome or offensive comments about a person’s clothing, body or personal life; Offensive jokes or unwelcome innuendoes; Other conduct that creates a work or educational environment that may be considered offensive or hostile, even though some staff or students might not find them objectionable; Use of unwelcome or offensive nicknames or terms of endearment.

Sexual harassment, in particular, may consist of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when one or more of the following occur: … Such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s work or academic performance or creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive work or educational environment.


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