Campus Solicitation 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: University of South Carolina Columbia Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Solicitation is defined as contact for the purpose of: 1. Soliciting funds or sales or demonstrations that may result in sales; 2. Distributing advertising or other materials; 3. Compiling data for surveys, programs, or other purposes; 4. Recruitment of members or support for an organization or cause; 5. Providing educational information sessions (exclusive of formal University of South Carolina academic classes).

The person-to-person distribution of literature by University or non-University individuals or organizations is restricted to the areas available for solicitation and must be registered and reserved in advance through the Department of Student Life (or designee).

Solicitation activities are permitted in the following designated areas. A solicitation fee of $29.00 will be assessed when activities are deemed solicitation as described in this policy. a. Specific areas of the Russell House University Union (including the front and back patios, Davis field, Ballroom, meeting rooms, and main lobby). … b. Greene Street (between the gates ONLY and at specified times) c. Pickens Street Bridge (student organizations only) d. Designated areas of the Coliseum walkway (student organizations only) e. Designated areas of academic building lobbies upon the approval of the appropriate academic dean and the Associate Vice President for Student Life (or designee) f. Other designated locations upon the approval of the Associate Vice President for Student Life (or designee) g. Other specifically designated areas formally contracted through the University for the purpose of advertising goods and services to the Carolina community.

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