Student Conduct Code: Harassment 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies, Statement School: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Harassment Unreasonable Conduct: Intentional conduct, without a legitimate purpose, which both
does cause a person distress or fear and would cause a reasonable person distress or fear.
No threat or overt act of violence is required for conduct to be unreasonable. Bullying: Any intentional, repeated and aggressive act, whether physical, verbal or
otherwise communicated with the intent to cause another person physical, mental, or
emotional harm or which is intended to coerce an individual to act or refrain from acting. Obstruction or Intimidation: Any intentional act which limits any person’s attendance or
participation in any academic activity, employment or university event, or function. Harassment via Technology: Use of electronic or other technology, without a valid
purpose, to intentionally intimidate, embarrass, ridicule, or humiliate another person.
This includes distribution of video, audio, or photographic files without the consent of all
parties recorded or photographed which could foreseeably intimidate, embarrass, ridicule
or humiliate and does cause another person to be intimidated, embarrassed, ridiculed or

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