Student Handbook: Freedom of Expression and Speech Policy 13-14

Category: Other Speech Codes, Statement School: University of Tennessee – Knoxville Statement Rating: Green

Relevant excerpt

In a situation attended by strong emotional feeling, or
where there is a past history of obscenity or indecency
associated with a speaker selected by a registered student
organization, the Dean of Students, after finding
that such a situation or history exists, shall prescribe conditions
for the orderly and scholarly conduct of the
speaking event.The conditions may include limiting the
audience to the inviting organization’s membership or to
members of the university’s academic community,
appointing an experienced senior professor to preside
over the meeting, requiring a statement from the offices
of the sponsoring organization certifying that they have
discussed the appearance of the speaker with the Vice
Chancellor for Student Affairs, and authorizing a search
of all persons entering the arena of the speech and such
other conditions as the agency deems advisable.

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