Student Organizations Policies and Procedures: Campus Demonstrations Guidelines 12-13

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies, Statement School: Tulane University Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

Tulane affiliates must notify the Vice President of Student Affairs/Office of Student Programs of plans to
demonstrate on campus as soon as possible but at least two days prior to the demonstration. Only Tulane
affiliates in good standing may file a request. For the purpose of these Guidelines, "demonstration" or "protest" means an event requiring the presence of one or more persons in a University location with the intent to
express a particular point of view in a manner that attracts attention, as in rallies, sit-ins, vigils, or similar forms
of expression and include, but are not limited to, all campus events which may give rise to safety concerns,
and/or any other behavior or conduct which possibly disrupts the University learning environment or Tulane’s
business operations.

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