Student Rights and Responsibilities: Outside Speakers Policy Statement 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies, Statement School: University of Southern Indiana Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

On the basis of
these premises, the University of Southern Indiana
will encourage any University registered student
organization, faculty, administrators, or staff to invite
speakers to campus. and the following provisions: ... 5. That to schedule the event properly, to assure
adequate facilities, to ensure the necessary publicity,
and to assure proper procedure, the sponsoring
group wishing to invite a visiting speaker to the
University make all arrangements for reserving
space with appropriate University officials at least
two weeks in advance of the speaker’s appearance
(unless the president or his designee waives the time
requirement); and
6. That violation of the stated policy and procedure
subjects the sponsoring group and its members to
sanctions as outlined in University policies.

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