Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities: Policy on Harassment and Sexual Harassment 12-13

Category: Harassment Policies, Statement School: University of New Hampshire Statement Rating: Green

Relevant excerpt

[T]he following are examples of
behaviors that may be judged to be harassing:
repeatedly directing racial epithets at an
individual; hanging a noose in an African-
American's work place or dormitory; painting
a Nazi swastika on the door of a Jewish
individual; repeatedly sending unwelcome,
sexually-explicit e-mail messages; taunting a
person about his or her sexual orientation,
disability, or religion; making unwelcome
sexual propositions; repeatedly telling
derogatory gender-based or ethnic-based
jokes; displaying sexually suggestive objects
or pictures in the workplace except as those
items may be part of legitimate pedagogical
pursuits; giving unwelcome hugs or repeatedly
brushing or touching others.

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