President’s Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues: Racial, Religious, Ethnicity/National Origin, Sexual Orientation, or Disability Report (RRESD) Brochure 13-14

Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech School: University of Maryland – College Park Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

What are acts of Racial, Religious, Ethnicity/National Origin, Sexual Orientation or Disability (RRESD) harassment and intimidation?

Harassment and intimidation are acts of prejudice, hate, violence or intimidation directed against individuals, groups, or institutions because of race, religious, ethnicity/national origin, sexual orientation or disabilities. These incidents are intended to cause harm and may result in psychological or physical injury or property damage.


Why are RRESD harassment and intimidation wrong? Incidents that are motivated by prejudice and hatred pose a unique danger to society. Such acts affect the fundamental rights of our community, not just the immediate victim. These incidents cause tension and may erupt into violence. Examples: * RRESD Slurs * Computer/Phone Harassment * Physical Attack * Hate Symbols * Hate Literature * Verbal Abuse * Destruction of Property

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