Distributing Publications and Information at the University 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: University of Minnesota – Morris Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

In academic buildings and the student center, handout distribution is restricted to foyer and lobby areas. Distribution of published materials in any other part of the buildings is prohibited. In other nonacademic areas such as residence halls and parking areas, handout distribution is prohibited except with written permission from the appropriate vice chancellor or associate vice chancellor.
1. Outside nonacademic buildings, distribution free zones may be established by respective unit directors or the physical plant manager. The zones shall be reasonable.
2. No person who distributes handouts on campus shall:
a. coerce others to accept handout
b. interfere with or impede the normal flow of traffic on campus
c. create a safety hazard or contribute to campus litter
d. interfere with or disrupt any other lawful activity of any other person.

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