Housing & Residential Life Guidebook: Disorderly Conduct 13-14

Category: Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility School: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Statement Rating: Red

Relevant excerpt

Disorderly conduct within or immediately surrounding the residence halls/University apartments is not permitted. Knowing or having reasonable grounds to know, that one’s behavior will or potentially could cause alarm, anger, harm, or disturb others, or provoke an assault or breach of peace, is prohibited. Participants are responsible for engaging in disorderly conduct when they commit or intend to commit any of the following:

e. use of obscene, or abusive language, or engaging in conduct that would reasonably tend to cause alarm, anger, fear, or resentment in others;

j. hate/bias incidents that use language, signs, symbols or threats that would reasonably tend to arouse, alarm, anger, fear or resentment in others or would endanger the health safety and welfare of a member(s) of the University community.

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