Guidelines for Scheduling University Facilities: Expressive Activity 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

It is the policy of this University not to interfere with an individual’s right to free speech as expressed in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Nevada. However, it is also the policy of the university to provide a suitable environment for its faculty, staff, and students to study, conduct research, and perform their other activities without undue interference or disturbance. Therefore, the University has designated certain areas for these activities and will require any and all individuals, without regard to the content of their activities, to confine such activities to these areas. These areas include the Academic Mall from the sidewalk immediately north of the Alumni Amphitheater to the foot of the steps at the Performing Arts Center plaza; the East-West Mall from the east sidewalk of the Academic Mall to the eastern edge of the McDermott Physical Education Building plaza; the Alumni Walk from the Lied Library to the south end of the walk where it empties into the Thomas and Mack Center parking lot. Not included are the Dickinson Plaza at the Lied Library and the interior courtyard (above the steps connecting the courtyard to the Alumni Walk) of the Classroom Building Complex. … Any individual observed on the University grounds conducting expressive activities in an undesignated area will be approached by a university employee and will be courteously asked to move to one of the designated areas to continue their activities.

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