Campus Housing Policies: Intolerance 13-14

Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech School: Wright State University Statement Rating: Red

Relevant excerpt

Acts of intolerance or bias are behaviors which by intent, action, and/or outcome harm or threaten to harm a person or a group of people. The behaviors are motivated by prejudice toward a person or a group of people because of their race, religion, ethnicity, disability, national origin, age, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Acts of intolerance include overt actions such as verbal attacks and physical assaults on students and their property, as well as covert actions such as jokes, posters, and comments.

Some examples of acts of intolerance or bias related incidents include:
• Drawings of swastikas or other offensive symbols.
• Jokes, pranks, and slurs against an individual based on their based on race, gender, sexual identity, disabilities, religion, etc
• Stereotyping a group of people (women, men, African Americans, homosexuals, etc)
The above are only a few examples of discriminatory and insensitive behaviors; there are numerous other ways in which people can demonstrate intolerance. Acts of intolerance based on race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, or for any other
reason, disrupt the safe and educational environment necessary for furthering the mission of the university. All reports of intolerance will be investigated to the fullest potential. All persons found responsible may be subject to suspension, expulsion, the cancellation of
current and future housing agreements, among other sanctions. Additionally, involved parties may face investigation by Wright State University’s Bias Incident Response Team, or BIRT.

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