They also serve who stand and criticize

July 3, 2005

QT Weblog of the Week:

Taking the Fight to Karl: American Service Men and Women Mad at Karl Rove, takeittokarl

The weblog was started shortly after Karl Rove, who didn’t find the time to serve in the military during Vietnam, said liberals "wanted to offer therapy and understanding" to the 9/11 terrorists and that criticism of Iraq policy is "certainly putting our troops in greater danger."

It is a good place to remember that there are many liberals among those coming home in flag-covered coffins from and


Or does Rove not support these troops?

It’s a dirty job

QT News You Can Use:

The Kwakiutl Indian instructions for catching and cooking sea slugs,, remind you to throw dirt into the pot when the slugs are boiling to keep the pot from boiling over.

Ready or not

*Ranking of Wil Wheaton Dot Net,, according to the number of sources that link to it, remains unchanged.

*Rapture Index, www.rapture, which measures the progression of end-time prophecy, remains unchanged.



QT Weblog Motto of the Week,

"You don’t have to be arrogant to post here, but it helps . . . oh ok, actually, you do have to be arrogant to post here."

Answer to a burning question

Kevin Barkes at the KGB Report,, supposes:

"The reason Republicans are so concerned about burning American flags is that they spend so much time wrapped in them."

Keeping hope alive

*President Bush, www.white, wants you to know that his foreign policy "carries the hope of freedom."

*Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-.N.Y.),, wants you to know that her foreign policy would "protect the principles of freedom and democracy."

*Barry Bonds, bar /bonds_barry/journal/lat est.html , wants you to know that the swelling in his knee is down.


The Case for Zero Tolerance of Modern School Administrators (cont’d):

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education,, notes that the

West Virginia University speech code forbids the words "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" in order to avoid gender-specific references.

Name game

You may be disappointed to know that the Class Maledictorian weblog has changed its name to Prettier than Napoleon.

Or you may not.

To err is bipartisan

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language (cont’d):

*M.K., a

Chicago reader, writes:

"You seem to have great fun citing grammatical problems at right-wing blogs. Are there no examples from the other side, or don’t they ever make mistakes?

From a weblog arguing that we invaded in the wrong direction when we invaded :


attacked Pearl Horbor, we did not attack, Tiawan."

See? QT is Fair and Balanced.

*A note, by the way, to those writing at Taking the Fight to Karl:

Please stop calling Karl Rove a chicken hawk.

As Calvin Trillin has pointed out:

"A chicken hawk, which exists in nature, is a hawk that preys on chickens, not a hawk that acts like a chicken."

Trillin’s suggestion: sissy hawk.

Schools: West Virginia University