abuse of others

August 28, 2013

a. Verbal, written, graphic, or electronic abuse.
b. Harassment (defined as repeated and/or continuing behavior), coercion, or intimidation
of an individual or group, either directly and/or indirectly or on the basis of race,
color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran
c. Bullying, defined as the repeated use of written, verbal or electronic expression and/
or communication and/or a verbal, electronic or physical act or gesture or any combination thereof, directed at a member of the University community that (i) causes
physical, psychological and/or emotional harm to a University community member or
damage to his/her property; (ii) places a University community member in reasonable
fear of harm to him/herself or damage to his/her property; or (iii) creates a hostile,
threatening, intimidating, humiliating or abusive environment [at the University] for
a University community member or substantially interferes with his/her educational
performance, opportunities or benefits. For purposes of this section, bullying may
include, but is not limited to: social exclusion or isolation, humiliation or degradation,
threats, intimidation, harassment, stalking, theft and/or damage/destruction of property,
or the perpetuation of any of the conduct listed in this section by inciting, soliciting or
coercing others to demean, embarrass, humiliate, or cause emotional, psychological
or physical harm to a member of the University community.