ACLU Joins Call for Free Speech at Saint Louis Community College

December 20, 2007

Pressure continues to mount for St. Louis Community College (STLCC) to uphold the free speech and due process rights of student Jun Xiao. Yesterday, the ACLU of Eastern Missouri sent a harshly worded letter to STLCC–Meramec President Paul Pai. The ACLU’s letter stated that

Dr. Xiao continues to be punished merely for speaking without any reasonable notice or opportunity to be heard. The harm to him is exacerbated as this matter drags on without final resolution. We reiterate the concerns expressed to you by FIRE regarding the serious civil liberties implications from your actions. We hope that you will give this matter the serious and immediate attention it deserves. On behalf of Dr. Xiao, we demand that you take immediate action to rescind the probation imposed upon him and expunge the disciplinary action from his records.

While it is our desire to resolve this matter in an amicable manner, we are willing to consider alternatives if you do not take immediate action to insure that Dr. Xiao’s constitutional rights are safeguarded and vindicated.

Hopefully, someone at STLCC will understand the stakes here and gracefully acknowledge the college’s error before this situation escalates. Fighting against the Constitution is a long and uphill battle, and one that STLCC almost certainly does not want to undertake.