Adherence to Policy

By August 28, 2013

Contents of all electronic pages must be consistent with William Jewell policies and all local, state and federal laws. This includes links or automatic refreshes to other pages or computers; therefore, a page may be considered in violation if it contains links or automatic refreshes to a page that violates the policy. Violations will result in appropriate corrective action.

The William Jewell College web system (including all servers and all material contained within those servers) may not be used in any manner prohibited by law or disallowed by licenses, contracts or College regulations. College units that create web pages are accountable for the information they publish and should be aware of College policies regarding confidential records, nondiscrimination policies, harassment policies, use of College property policies, and intellectual property policies. The Office of College Relations and Marketing reserves the right to refuse the use of the College’s web system for the dissemination of information that is inappropriate or which violates policies or laws. Should any of these guidelines or related regulations or laws be violated, the offending material may be removed from the network while the matter is referred to the appropriate authority or authorities. Violators will be subject to College rules and regulations.