Alex McHugh, American University

Alex McHugh is a junior studying International Relations and Economics at American University. Alex is the president of the debate team and is involved with AU’s Students For Liberty. 

Alex first heard about FIRE through his involvement with SFL, when the American chapter hosted a FIRE speaker and free speech wall to discuss free speech on college campus. Once he learned of the dire state of liberty on campuses across the country, Alex became more involved with advocating for free speech: 

I started promoting free speech when I realized most of my fellow students had no idea how restricted their speech was. One they started to realize this, there was a bit of a snowball effect and before I knew it, most students were on board.

In 2012, Alex hosted another free speech wall and brought a FIRE speaker to campus. This year he hopes to have a rally for free speech, including a round-table discussion between various student groups.

For people hoping to replicate his success in promoting free speech awareness on campus, Alex stresses perseverance:

I would say don’t give up. Even if it seems like you’re the only one who cares, keep pushing back when someone tries to stifle your rights. Eventually you’ll find people will start to notice and support you, there’s a time though where you probably will have to stick it out by yourself.