Amendment to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Organized Activity Funding Policy, March 7, 2005

PASSED September 18, 1978                            SECTION A-3
AMENDED February 4, 1980
AMENDED April 27, 1992
AMENDED March 7, 2005

The Finance Commission has seen a need to clarify several areas of funding for organized activities.  It is hoped that this document will help these activities better understand the funding process, and criteria used to make funding decisions.

Budget Requests:

Organized Activities are to request student segregated fee funding in the first semester of the academic year preceding the year of the funding request.  The Finance Commission will review these requests, determining if the activity qualifies for segregated fee funding under established criteria.  The definition of an organized activity, and criteria for funding, are listed below:

Definition: An organized activity is one which complements or supports the total educational experience of the student, and relates to the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Criteria: (1) The stated goals of the given activity must agree with the definition of an organized activity.

(2)  The activity should have achieved, or be working toward achievement of those goals.

(3)  The activity shall not endorse a particular ideological, religious, or partisan viewpoint.

(4)  The activity must grant maximum student accessibility regardless of major or minor.

(5)  The number of students served by the activity must be deemed sufficient to warrant funding.

(6)  The cost/benefit analysis of the activity as a whole must also be deemed appropriate for funding.

(7)  A management method and accountability review must find the activity suitable for funding.

(8)  If an activity is deemed necessary but does not satisfactorily meet the above criteria, it MAY be funded by organized activity fees if it is not under any circumstances eligible for GPR or other budget support.

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