Taking Action: FIRE’s Advocacy Programs

FIRE won 19 defense
victories this year.


Since our founding, FIRE has won 237 policy change victories, advancing freedom of expression for 3.6 million students (and countless more yet to arrive on campus).

Our Individual Rights Defense Program now boasts a total of 238 victories at 175 colleges and universities with an enrollment of over 2.7 million students.

238 Victories & 175 Colleges
2.7 Million students enrolled


The Policy Reform
Project won 34 victories

34 Victories

affecting over 510,000
students this year.

510k Students


FIRE welcomed a record eight schools to our “green light” list, freeing a total of 120,000 students from restrictive policies.

120,000 Students Freed


The percentage of “red light” colleges and universities dropped to 49%.

FIRE’s “Speech Code of the Month” feature motivated policy revisions at six schools, which freed nearly 60,000 students from restrictive policies.

60,000 Students Freed


We celebrated two state-level victories after Missouri and Arizona passed legislation banning “free speech zones” at public colleges and universities.

FIRE staff members testified in front of Congress twice.



FIRE won four litigation victories, at Dixie State University, Cal poly Pomona, Iowa State University, and Blinn College.

Overall, FIRE's advocacy programs won a total of 67 defense, policy, litigation, and legislative victories affecting over 1.1 million students this year.

The Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project has won a total of nine victories, secured $412,000 in damages and fees, and motivated policy changes affecting over 600,000 students since its launch.

600,000 Students affected


Empowering Activism: The FIRE Student Network

FIRE visited more than 100 colleges and universities around the country this academic year.

The FIRE Student Network added 2,900 new student, faculty, and alumni members, and now has more than 15,300 members.


2,900 New Student, Faculty, and Alumni Members
More than 15,300 Members


We distributed over 5,000 copies of our Guides to Student Rights on Campus.

FIRE hosted four on-campus debates.

In 2016, FIRE’s Internship Program received 842 applications for our undergraduate internship positions—the most ever.

2015-2016 Applications

FIRE welcomed 10 undergraduate interns and two legal interns in summer 2016.

37 Student Activists

In April, FIRE hosted a regional conference at Yale University for 37 of the region’s most committed activists.






In July 2015, we held our annual conference in Philadelphia. FIRE was proud to welcome 90 students to the event—our largest group to date.


Generating Awareness: FIRE’s Media Efforts

FIRE was featured in over 1,050 news articles in more than 325 unique publications

with a combined print and online circulation of over 800 million.

FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff’s co-authored cover story for The Atlantic attracted over 2 million readers online, nearly 500,000 “likes” on Facebook, and over 5,000 reader comments.

500,000 Likes on Facebook
2 Million Readers Online

FIRE staff and representatives spoke on 100 radio broadcasts and made 16 television appearances.

FIRE’s website attracted an average of 164,000 unique monthly visitors.


FIRE has over 16,000 Twitter followers and our Facebook page boasts more than 19,000 “likes.”

FIRE produced and distributed 46 videos.


Our YouTube channel has more than 4.1 million views and over 8,100 subscribers.


FIRE in 2015–2016

FIRE now has 41 staff members.

We received over 4,000 gifts.

We welcomed over 850 new donors.


Nearly 2,900 individuals or organizations donated to FIRE.

We raised over $6,161,000.


65% individual donors


35% foundation grants

Our expenses totalled $5,658,144
Thank you from FIRE