Attention, Attorneys: College Students and Faculty Need Your Help!

August 29, 2011

As attorney and commentator Jennifer C. Braceras points out in her opinion piece in today’s Boston Herald, students and faculty heading back to college this fall may want to consider “lawyering up.”

Why? Unfortunately, a host of threats to student and faculty rights await back on campus. From unconstitutional and illiberal speech codes to tiny “free speech zones,” from reduced due process protections to unfair security fees for controversial speakers, FIRE knows all too well that rights violations occur too often at our nation’s colleges and universities.

That’s why FIRE needs the help of attorneys nationwide.

As you may know, while FIRE leads the charge in the court of public opinion, we don’t directly litigate on behalf of students and faculty. Instead, when counsel is needed, we seek the assistance of members of our Legal Network, FIRE’s informal registry of lawyers from across the country dedicated to protecting student and faculty rights.

Being a member of our Legal Network doesn’t require any dues or commitments. Rather, participating attorneys will simply receive case referrals from time to time when legal services are required in a FIRE case. Legal Network members are under no obligation to take a case; all we ask of members is that they check out the facts in the referrals to see if they’re interested. Cases may involve paying clients, pro bono work, the possibility of contigency arrangements, or awards of attorney’s fees. Each case is different, and all are interesting.

As FIRE’s Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, I urge interested attorneys to join our Legal Network. As students and faculty head back to their schools, they may very well need your assistance.