Audiobook Alert: Listen to ‘Kindly Inquisitors’ Narrated by Penn Jillette

June 28, 2016

How’s your summer reading coming along?

If you’re like many who’ve yet to make a dent in that pile of books you swore you’d read come June, never fear: You can now get Jonathan Rauch’s classic Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought on audiobook.

This edition is narrated by the always-entertaining Penn Jillette of the magic/comedy duo Penn & Teller, who’s also a Cato Institute research fellow.

You can purchase a two-disc audiobook set on Cato’s website. Audible members who’ve already got Kindly Inquisitors on their Amazon Kindle can add Audible narration to their purchase for just $3.99.

Rauch and Jillette are both featured in the FIRE-supported documentary Can We Take a Joke?, also out this summer.

The film is playing select theaters July 29 and will be available to download from iTunes August 2.

No need for heavy (book) lifting or pesky page-turning to get up to speed this summer on the biggest issues impacting free inquiry—simply pop in some headphones or head to select theaters to engage with this important, substantive material.