Benefits of CFN Membership

November 7, 2008

Students across the country are signing up in droves for the Campus Freedom Network, largely through referral by the CFN’s own members. The CFN offers a unique opportunity to connect students and faculty members together to work for liberty on campus, and to sweeten the potafter all, working for liberty on your college campus doesn’t always make you popular with the powers that be!FIRE offers several other benefits for CFN members.

Just for registering for the CFN, students receive a free FIRE t-shirt with a quote from FIRE’s co-founder Alan Charles Kors, "A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it and will not even know when it is lost." Members can keep up with breaking news on FIRE’s efforts to restore individual rights to the university by signing up to receive FIRE’s press releases and e-mail updates. Students especially dedicated to individual rights can take the initiative to host FIRE speakers, write op-eds on FIRE issues, recruit new members, post FIRE’s speech code widgets on their websites and Facebook profiles, and otherwise advocate for liberty on their campuses. These students will have the opportunity to earn points through the CFN incentive program and receive prizes including books, a BPA-free FIRE Nalgene water bottle, gift cards and even an HDTV, an Apple Macbook, an iPod, and a digital camera or a $2,500 scholarship.

Students can register by filling out the electronic form on the CFN website. If you are a college student, or know someone who is, let them know about the CFN today!