Bollinger Releases Statement on October’s Minutemen Protest

December 22, 2006

Today Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger released a statement addressing the violent student protest that erupted in the middle of a speech by the founder of the Minutemen Project on October 4th. The statement addresses, among other things, governance of student organizations and student-sponsored events, as well as disciplinary proceedings instituted against some of the students involved for violating Rules of University Conduct.

Interestingly, Bollinger—who came under fire for the apparent discrepancy between his professed commitment to freedom of speech and the actual threats to free speech surfacing on his campus this fall—chose to release this statement midday on the Friday before Christmas, more than two months after the actual occurrence.

Coincidence? Or an attempt to fly under the radar and avoid drawing attention to the free speech fiascoes on Columbia’s campus this fall? You decide.

Schools:  Columbia University