California Institute of Integral Studies Faculty Personnel Manual

Section 2.9.3:  Academic Freedom

The Institute is fully committed to the protection of academic freedom. Because the Institute has a continuing interest in diverse religious and spiritual traditions, there is a strong desire to resist pressure to conform to any sectarian beliefs or dogmatic pronouncements. The Institute promotes a diversity of opinion, course content and teaching methods, contributing to a spirit of healthy inquiry combined with unprejudiced openness to innovative approaches.

Faculty members are entitled to freedom in the classroom in presenting their subject. They are encouraged to maintain in classroom discussion and openness to a variety of perspectives on course content. Faculty members are advised to avoid introducing controversial material that has no relation to the subject of the course.

Faculty members are entitled to full freedom in research within the constraints of research ethics and protections for human research participants.

Faculty members are citizens and members of a learned profession. As such, they are aware that the public may judge their profession and the Institute by their utterances. They, therefore, exercise appropriate sensitivity and show respect for the opinions for others. When they speak or write as citizens, they clearly indicate that they do not hold themselves out as spokespersons for the Institute. They are free from Institute censorship or discipline.

Faculty members are entitled to freedom in the selection of textbooks, audio-visual aids and other teaching materials, subject only to established academic standards for graduate-level instruction. There is no censorship of library materials.

Certain information obtained by faculty members in the course of their work can be considered privileged. Faculty members shall not be required to disclose such information unless they deem it to be in the best interest of their student or their profession.


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