Campus Freedom Network

Established in 2006, the Campus Freedom Network (CFN) is an essential component of the fight to protect individual rights at institutions of higher learning across the country. Originally envisioned as a loosely-knit coalition of faculty members and students dedicated to advancing individual liberties on their campuses, the CFN has quickly become an integral part of FIRE’s work. The CFN advances FIRE’s mission by providing resources and educational opportunities to students and faculty engaged in advancing individual rights on campus. The goal is to encourage energetic students and faculty members to pressure their administrations to change illiberal and unconstitutional policies. To facilitate this activity, the CFN arranges speeches by FIRE speakers, rewards active students through an incentive program, organizes an annual FIRE summer conference, and bolsters FIRE’s programs with grassroots support. By organizing students and faculty, the CFN strives to change the culture of censorship on college campuses from the inside.