Campus-wide email from President Celeste regarding the Monthly Bag, February 28, 2008

From: Messages of Immediate concern on behalf of FLASH President
Sent: Thu 28/02/2008 15:30
Subject: Anonymous Flyers – February 28, 2008

I am writing to convey my dismay and disgust in discovering that anonymous flyers entitled “The Monthly Bag” have been posted around campus, including in men’s and women’s bathroom stalls. I am concerned for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that this activity was undertaken without personal accountability by the authors. The flyers include threatening and demeaning content, which is categorically unacceptable in this community. I invite the “Coalition of Some Dudes” to identify themselves and to take responsibility for posting this material.

Together we have a responsibility to foster a safe and engaging educational environment. It is my hope that we can find appropriate avenues to discuss how gender impacts our experience of the world and one another. As those opportunities present themselves, I hope you will join in participating and sharing your views. Vigorous debate is welcome.

Anonymous acts meant to demean and intimidate others are not.


Dick Celeste

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