Canadian Students: Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Has Your Back

September 24, 2013

While FIRE provides American students with the resources they need to fight for their rights on campus, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is doing the same for students in Canada. Today, JCCF has released its 2013 Campus Freedom Index (PDF), which grades 45 campuses across Canada on how well universities’ policies and practices protect freedom of expression. Unfortunately, JCCF’s research reveals that many Canadian institutions “have failed in their promise to uphold the sanctity of free speech in its most cherished and necessary form: the discussion of controversial ideas, frank and spirited debate, and the pursuit of truth.” Grading schools from A to F in four categories—the stated policies and the practices of universities and their student unions, respectively—JCCF awarded only six A’s and a troubling 32 F’s. Over half of campuses earned at least one F. Canadian students: Click over to JCCF to see where your school ranks and fight for your right to free expression. As today’s news release (PDF) says, “JCCF looks forward to the day when every university, and every student union, earns only A’s for their policies and practices.”