DePaul University: DePaul Continues to Impose ‘Speech Tax’ on Student Expression

Category: Free Speech
Schools: DePaul University

In September 2016, a registered student organization, the DePaul Socialists, was forced to pay hundreds of dollars for security guards to be present at their informational student meeting. Despite the fact that the DePaul Socialists did not want security officers present for their meeting, DePaul administrators deemed the event “potentially controversial” and told the students that if they would not agree to pay for the security guards, the event would be canceled. DePaul’s demand that the DePaul Socialists pay for security was the third time in recent months that the university has imposed exorbitant security fees on student organizations perceived to be engaging in “controversial” expression. After DePaul failed to substantively reply to our first letter, FIRE wrote to DePaul University again on September 23, demanding for the second time in as many weeks that the university live up to its promises of free speech and cease charging student organizations for security based on the content of their expression.

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