Shaw University: Severe Punishment for Criticizing Administration

Category: Free Speech
Schools: Shaw University

Gale Isaacs, a nineteen-year veteran professor at Shaw University, was removed from her position as chair of her department, terminated from employment, and escorted from her office by campus police after she co-authored a faculty resolution critical of Shaw’s President and Trustees. Shaw Student Shaniqua Bizzell, who was one month from graduating, was also expelled by Shaw and removed from campus housing after she read the resolution aloud and distributed copies of the text in Shaw’s student center; though her expulsion was later rescinded, Bizzell was ordered to vacate university housing. 

  • The Chill Is Nothing New

    September 9, 2005

    There is a chill on campus, but that’s nothing new. For decades, campus speech has been chilled by speech codes and other attempts to prevent expression that might offend. Some would like to imagine that the excesses of “political correctness” are ancient history, but repression in the name of tolerance hasn’t gone anywhere. Oppressive speech codes are not only still around—they have actually multiplied, even after numerous court decisions declared them unconstitutional. Within the past year, college students have been punished for such things as expressing a religious objection to homosexuality and arguing that corporal punishment may be acceptable. Students […]

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  • Shaw graduate seeks redress

    February 13, 2003

    By Cindy George at News and Observer A Shaw University graduate evicted from her dormitory for distributing a letter critical of school officials is pursuing a claim against her alma mater. Shaniqua N. Bizzell, 27, a student government member, was booted out of campus housing in November — three weeks before graduation — after handing out and reading aloud an anonymous letter critical of administrators and the Board of Trustees. Longtime professor Gale J. Isaacs, former chairwoman of the Department of Allied Health, was fired the same week after admitting she wrote the unsigned manifesto. The letter accused President Talbert […]

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