University of Oregon: Student Government Denies Group’s Funding Over Pro-Gun Rights Views

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Schools: University of Oregon

On November 11, 2015, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) rejected Young Americans for Liberty’s application for funding of a “Liberty Poker Night” event in support of gun rights. The event’s prizes included firearms donated by local dealers, which would be lawfully transferred to winners off campus in accordance with local and federal laws. At the ASUO’s November 11 meeting, multiple ASUO members argued that the event made students feel “uncomfortable” or “unsafe,” and the application for funding was rejected. FIRE wrote to the University of Oregon on November 18, reminding the university that funding to student organizations must be distributed in a viewpoint-neutral manner, and calling on the university to intervene if the ASUO refused to follow its obligations under the Constitution. Despite FIRE’s warning, the ASUO voted a second time to reject funding to YAL on November 18.

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  • UNM Falls Short on Free Speech Survey

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    By Maggie Shepard at Albuquerque Journal ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Three universities in New Mexico received poor grades for campus free speech, according to a group that advocates for individual rights on campuses. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education released its annual report this month, giving red, yellow or green light grades to universities and colleges across the nation based on how restrictive school speech and behavior policies are on campus. The University of New Mexico received the lowest score, red, while Eastern New Mexico University and New Mexico State University received a middle grade, yellow. The group surveyed 440 […]

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  • A More Literal Trigger Warning

    November 30, 2015

    By Chris Bodenner at The Atlantic  The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Greg Lukianoff’s free speech outfit, recently flagged a small but significant story out of Oregon: [On November 18], the University of Oregon’s student government denied funding to a student group’s poker night event for a second time amid concerns the event’s pro-gun message and prizes “would make students feel uncomfortable.” […] Last night’s vote was the second time ASUO turned down YAL’s request for $950 in funding to cover the cost of pizza and rental fees for its November 20 “Liberty Poker Night.” YAL insisted no ASUO money […]

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  • Poker For Guns Draws Players, No Protests

    November 25, 2015

    By Rick Levin at After all the anticipatory hubbub over the Young American’s for Liberty Nov. 20 Liberty Poker Night at UO’s Erb Memorial Union — during which the YAL’s local chapter was denied event funding by the UO student government — the tournament itself was a surprisingly tame event. Among the predominantly male crowd, not a single protester appeared. Thomas Tullis, co-present of YAL’s UO chapter, said Monday he was disappointed that not one person who tried to shut down poker night actually showed up to protest the event. “We’re encouraging free expression and we want to encourage discussion,” Tullis […]

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  • Fueling the Fire

    November 25, 2015

    By Staff at The Register-Guard When the Young Americans for Liberty decided to hold a poker night at the University of Oregon last Friday, with guns as prizes, their goal was clear: Create a controversy, generate publicity and get opponents and supporters stirred up. The local chapter of YAL — part of a Libertarian nonprofit based in Arlington, Va. — received permission to use the student union for the event. But the student government declined to pay for pizza or the rental fee, not the first time it has declined a funding request. Student senators discussed a variety of concerns, […]

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  • Oregon Libertarian Students Demand School Pay for Gun Giveaway because it’s ‘Free Speech’

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    By David Edwards at Raw Story An Oregon libertarian group has accused the University of Oregon of violating students’ First Amendment rights because the student body refused to sponsor a gun giveaway event at the school. Young Americans for Liberty’s Brandon Clements told KPTV that the libertarian group staged the event on Friday to protest a campus policy banning concealed firearms. Three guns were offered as grand prizes to winners of the poker-themed tournament. After UO student government refused to pay for the event, Young Americans for Liberty asked the conservative group Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to […]

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  • Surprise: University of Oregon Student Government Botches First Amendment

    November 21, 2015

    By David Huber at The College Fix  The perception that today’s college kids are little more than mewling babies continues, this time with the University of Oregon student government turning down Young Americans for Liberty’s request for $950 in funds for its “Liberty Poker Night” event. The money would have gone towards pizza and rental fees. But … why was the request nixed? “[T]he event’s pro-gun message and prizes ‘would make students feel uncomfortable.’” Um, attention student government: Student fees at UO are mandatory. This means power trippy student leaders cannot play favorites with how monies are disseminated. FIRE reports: […]

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    On February 5, the University Daily Kansan filed a lawsuit against two administrators of the University of Kansas (KU), alleging that the administrators failed to intervene when the student government slashed funding to the Kansan over an editorial criticizing the results of a student government election. The Kansan story begins in April 2014, when a slate of candidates for student government positions were declared ineligible the night before the election, resulting in two students who received a minority of votes—Morgan Said and Miranda Wagner—being elected to office. In response, the Kansan published an editorial by attorney and professor Mark Johnson […]

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  • Oregon’s Student Government Discriminates Against Student Group Hosting Pro-Gun Rights Poker Tournament

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    EUGENE, Ore., November 19, 2015—Last night, the University of Oregon’s student government denied funding to a student group’s poker night event for a second time amid concerns the event’s pro-gun message and prizes “would make students feel uncomfortable.” The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) wrote to the University of Oregon (UO) before the Associated Students of the University of Oregon’s (ASUO’s) vote yesterday. FIRE explained that ASUO’s refusal to fund a poker night hosted by UO’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) expressly because it disagrees with the event’s message amounts to constitutionally prohibited viewpoint discrimination. FIRE […]

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