CCAC First Amendment Scandal Earns a Critical Editorial

June 23, 2009

FIRE’s ongoing case at the Community College of Allegheny County is the focus of an editorial in today’s online edition of The Times Daily (Alabama). CCAC student Christine Brashier has been blocked by administrators from forming a gun-rights club on campus and was told to destroy all copies of her informational pamphlet.

The editorial, while taking a stance against the position Brashier supportsallowing the concealed carry of handguns on campusnevertheless comes out in favor of her free speech rights. Brashier, the paper writes, “has good reason to be upset. Colleges and universities should promote free speech rather than squelch it, even if they don’t agree with the message.” This is absolutely right and a key point that the CCAC administration has basically ignored.

The piece concludes by referencing FIRE’s case at Tarrant County College, where students were barred from holding an “empty holster” protest unless they did so in the school’s “free speech zone” and without holsters. As the Times Daily writes, “College administrators should realize that their Free Speech zone is the only casualty at Tarrant. Empty holsters don’t kill people.”

If you would like to help us keep the pressure on CCAC, I encourage you to visit our action center and write directly to the administrators involved.

Schools:  Community College of Allegheny County Tarrant County College

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