Central Community Creed

August 28, 2013

Choosing to become a citizen of the University of Central Missouri implies
an acceptance of and willingness to contribute to the common goals and
purposes of the community. The Central Community Creed outlines the
principals which guide the creation and maintenance of desired community
at Central Missouri. The Creed also provides a framework for individual
behaviors which help build our vision.
As a member of the Central Missouri community, I will join in building …
a learning community, by striving for academic and personal
excellence and by promoting the value of education and lifelong
an open community, by creating and maintaining effective channels
of communication and by accepting and respecting individuals whose
values, ideas, beliefs, and life experiences may be different from my
a caring community, by seeking opportunities to serve and by
supporting and affirming the well-being of others.
a just community, by behaving in ways which are ethical, honest,
equitable, trustworthy, civil, and respectful.
a disciplined community, by seeking to understand and fulfill
personal responsibilities, by upholding university guidelines and by
working toward self and community betterment.
a celebrative community, by observing and honoring existing
traditions and by seeking and creating opportunities to enrich and
define Central.
a purposeful community, by helping to shape and achieve the
common goals of the University of Central Missouri.