Central Michigan University Students Told To Remove Patriotic Posters

At Central Michigan University, an administrator told several students to remove various patriotic posters (an American flag, an eagle, and so on) from their dormitory. On October 8, a Residential Advisor told them that their display was “offensive,” and that they had until the end of the day to remove the items. As one student said, “American flags or pictures that were pro-American had to be taken down because they were offensive to people.” FIRE has contacted President Michael Rao, along with the Board of Trustees and officials in the Office of Residential Life, to insist that this public institution not violate its students’ free speech rights. President Michael Rao has written to FIRE, expressing his full commitment to the First Amendment and freedom of expression. FIRE is in discussion with the office of the president about the events on his campus. Stay tuned.

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