Century College Policy Regarding Displays on Departmental Bulletin Boards

Century College
College Displays on Departmental Bulletin Boards
1.   The use of display materials such as signs, posters, bulletins, television monitors, electronic message boards, easels, and message rails serves an important function as internal communication on the campus.

2.   The following regulations pertain to displays at Century College on departmental, divisional, or other faculty bulletin boards.  These bulletin boards are understood to be bulletin boards that are designated to represent specific departments, programs, or disciplines.  “Departments” in this policy is intended to refer to academic programs, departments, or disciplines at Century College.
3.   Department bulletin boards are intended for the display of materials directly related to activities and events of the academic area(s).

4.   Materials must be approved for posting by the chair or program director prior to posting to ensure the criterion stated in section 3 is met.  If a department member disagrees with a decision made by the chair or program director, the member may ask for a review of the decision by the department.  A 2/3 majority vote by department members is required to approve posting of the material.
5.   Departmental bulletin boards may not be mounted on college property without the prior approval of the department and the academic vice president.

6.   Posted material must be contained within the bulletin boards and dated with the date approved by the department (e.g., “approved 03/07/06”).  Material must be removed either (a) 24 hours after an event promoted with a posting has passed or (b) at the end of each semester.  Renewal of posted material meeting the criterion stated in section 3 above is permitted if the approval process in section 4 is followed.

7.   Displays shall not impede or obstruct the use of hallways or other public spaces, and shall be in accordance with all state fire codes.  Materials may not be posted for commercial purposes.
8.   Displays and printed materials that do not comply with any of the above regulations will be removed.  In addition, the College reserves the right to remove any displays/printed materials if in the opinion of the College the materials would subject the College to a claim by a third party or if the displays/printed materials are in violation of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policies or federal or state laws.
9.   The following restrictions apply to all posted materials on these bulletin boards:
a.   Material may be posted only by faculty in the department associated with a given bulletin board (e.g., one department may not post materials on another department’s board).
b.   Any dispute about which department is responsible for a given bulletin board will be resolved by the academic vice president, in consultation with the Shared Governance Committee.

10. Any department may choose to develop policy variations governing their bulletin boards; however any restrictions on bulletin board use must be content and viewpoint neutral.  In addition, any departmental/program policy variances will need to be approved by the Shared Governance Committee and the academic vice president.
References:  None
Date Proposed:  April 6, 2006 (Shared Governance)
Date Approved:  May 4, 2006
Date Implemented:  May 15, 2006
Date Revised:

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