CFN Approaches 2,000 Members

January 16, 2009

Less than two months ago we announced that the CFN had reached 1,000 members. We are happy to report that we are already approaching 2,000 members. College administrators beware: there is a good chance a CFN member lurks on your campus.

To celebrate this incredible achievement, we will send a package of FIRE swag to the 2000th member to register. The package will include a FIRE hooded sweatshirt, a FIRE pen, a FIRE baseball cap, a copy of Indoctrinate U, and an autographed copy of The Shadow University by FIRE co-founders Harvey Silverglate and Alan Charles Kors.

Current students and faculty members at American colleges and universities should register for the CFN. At any moment we’ll pass this new milestone and you could end up with a mailbox full of FIRE goodies.