CFN Conference Attendee Highlights ‘Campus Speech Outrages’

August 10, 2012

Over at the First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt University student Benjamin Ries recaps his experience at FIRE’s 2012 Campus Freedom Network Conference. He was particularly impressed by the student panelists, including Len Audaer and Matt Werenczak from Syracuse University, and noted First Amendment attorney Bob Corn-Revere, who spoke about Hayden Barnes’ case at Valdosta State University. Ben writes:

Censorship controversies on college campuses can be unsettling to hear about on the news. Meeting the students and lawyers involved in these struggles, however, puts a human face on the issues.


Many leaders from FIRE gave presentations that focused on efforts by university administrators to infringe on students’ First Amendment rights by expelling dissidents, imposing a narrow ideology or squelching free speech.

The attendees, mostly current undergraduates, seemed particularly enthusiastic about the presentations from former students involved in FIRE cases.

You can read Ben’s full recap of the conference here. Thanks to Ben for attending and for sharing his experience!