CFN Membership Approaching 3,000

May 15, 2009

In January, we reported that the CFN was nearing 2,000 members. We are now approaching nearly 2,900 members at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.

As we did with our 1,000th and 2,000th member, we will send a package of FIRE goodies to the 3,000th member to register for the CFN. This member will receive a FIRE polo shirt, a FIRE pen, a FIRE baseball cap, a copy of Indoctrinate U, and an autographed copy of The Shadow University by FIRE co-founders Alan Charles Kors and Harvey Silverglate.

Anyone who is presently a student or faculty member at an American college or university is eligible to register for the CFN. CFN members aid the fight for liberty on campus through their grassroots activism. Whether by joining the student government, holding protests, writing op-eds, or simply spreading the word about FIRE’s resources for students and faculty, CFN members make an invaluable impact at their colleges and universities. I would encourage any eligible student or faculty member interested in restoring liberty on campus to sign up.