Clarifying Statement from Paisley Currah, Chair of Brooklyn College Political Science Department

The following message was originally posted on the Brooklyn College Political Science Department page:

A letter to Brooklyn College students

In the last week, we have been contacted by members of the Brooklyn College community and beyond about the political science department’s co-sponsorship of a panel discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Many have expressed support for our co-sponsorship, but we have also heard concern that the political science department is not willing to co-sponsor speakers or events representing alternative views. In fact, since this controversy broke, no group has contacted the political science chair requesting the department’s co-sponsorship of a specific event or actual speaker representing alternative or opposing views.

We are writing you now to clarify and reaffirm our longstanding department policy on co-sponsorship. We welcome–indeed encourage–requests to co-sponsor speakers and events from all student groups, departments, and programs. Any groups, departments or programs organizing lectures or events representing any point of view should email the chair, Paisley Currah, with a formal request for cosponsorship. Each and every request will be given equal consideration.

We look forward to hearing from our students and colleagues.


Paisley Currah, Chair, on behalf of the Political Science Department

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