Clemson University Sales and Solicitation Policy

Sales and Solicitation Policy
Solicitation on University property is strictly prohibited without authorization from
the University Union. Evidence of such authorization shall be displayed at all times
while on campus (e.g. copy of Reservation and/or Reservation forms with the University
Union logo). Any authorized solicitations are subject to applicable University
regulations, and local, state and federal laws. Solicitations may be approved for a specific
area on campus or for all pre-approved campus-wide locations. No solicitation shall
interfere or conflict with the mission of the University or its occupants. Any profits
derived from solicitations on campus must be used for a purpose consistent with
University policy and with the purpose of the sponsoring entity.
All events must adhere to the 72 hour reservation policy and registered with the
University Union and Student Center.
All solicitations on campus are subject to the following:
a) Must be authorized in writing to the University Union and Student Center.
b) Are restricted to approved areas.
c) May contain only legal materials and/or content.
d) Free Speech zones are Cox Plaza and Hendrix Plaza only.
Designated times, days and areas: Authorized solicitation may be restricted to certain
times of the day, to certain days of the week and to specified locations to preserve
privacy, safety and the educational environment of the campus. Several areas have been
designated on the campus for authorized solicitation. These areas have been selected so
as to accommodate the needs of all persons wishing to solicit. The UU&SC can assist
you in finding the proper location for your event.
Free Speech
All constitutionally protected speech will be permitted by the University, within
reasonable time, place and manner. No solicitations shall interfere or conflict with the
mission of the University or its occupants. The University Union and Student Center’s
designated Free Speech areas are Hendrix and Cox Plazas. Reservation forms, which are
available at the information desks in the Union or Student Center, must be completed
72 hours in advance to reserve these spaces.
Statement of Equity: Nothing in this policy or its regulations is intended to infringe
upon any constitutional or other legal rights regarding freedom of speech. This policy
and regulations exist to ensure privacy, safety, and educational and work environment of
campus occupants. Application of this policy and regulations will be neither arbitrary
nor capricious, nor shall they be based on the political content of the solicitation. All
constitutionally protected speech will be permitted within the reasonable time, place
and manner parameters of this policy and regulations.

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