College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Diversity Committee – Diversity Checklist – a multicultural checklist

August 28, 2013

1. I have recently sought out more information to enhance my own awareness and understanding of racism by talking with others, reading or listening.

2. I have spent time recently looking at my own attitudes and behaviors as they contribute to or combat the racism around me.

3. I have re-evaluated my use of terms or phrases that may be perceived by others as degrading or hurtful.

4. I have suggested or initiated workshops or discussions with friends, colleagues, social clubs or church groups about cultural diversity.

5. I have openly disagreed with a racist comment, action or joke.

6. I have made a personal contract with myself to take a positive stand on cultural diversity.

7. When I see a broadcast, advertisement or read a newspaper article that is racially, culturally or religiously biased, I have complained to the person in charge.

8. I have talked with my colleagues at work about the racial/cultural climate in our organization.

9. I have examined my local school’s curricula, textbooks, school assembly programs, staff and administration for racial and cultural balance.

10. I have made a commitment to learn more about a culture that is different from my own, through reading, study and listening.

11. I have contributed time and/or funds to an agency, fund or program that promotes diversity.