Policy and Procedures Manual 9.3: Freedom of Speech and Use of Institutional Facilities and Grounds for Expression & Demonstration

Black Hills State University

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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Relevant Excerpt

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit university students, faculty, administrators, and other employees to spontaneously and contemporaneously assemble, as long as their conduct is not unlawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the institution. Advance notice to the Department of Public Safety and written authorization are required for events that:

i. Are reasonably expected to attract a large crowd (expected attendance over 150 persons) or that otherwise necessitate prior coordination on the part of the university (i.e. a large-scale event per SDBOR policy).
ii. Installation of any structure, such as a tent, stage, scaffold, bleacher, bounce house, or carnival-style ride, or
iii. Outdoor amplified sound, including but not limited to bullhorns, Bluetooth speakers, etc.