Middle Georgia State University Policy Manual: 6.4 Freedom of Expression Policy

Middle Georgia State University

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MGA may maintain and enforce reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions narrowly tailored to serve a significant institutional interest. Such restrictions must employ clear, published, content- and viewpoint-neutral criteria, and provide for ample alternative means of expression. Finally, any such restrictions may include reservation requirements, if needed, but must also allow for members of the campus community to spontaneously and contemporaneously assemble or distribute literature.


Provisions for Members of the MGA Community

  1. Planned Large Group Expression - Members of the MGA community who plan to engage in expressive activity on campus in a group that is expected to consist of 30 or more persons, not including those who may gather to protest the expressive activity, must submit a completed Reservation Request Form to MGA’s Office of Student Affairs three (3) university business days prior to the scheduled activity pursuant to the procedures set forth below and must receive approval in writing from a Student Affairs official prior to engaging in such activity. Prior notice is required to ensure that there is sufficient space for the large group event, that necessary University resources are available for crowd control and security, and that the academic and other operations of the University are not disrupted. The Student Affairs official may only deny a reservation for the limited reasons set forth below.
  2. Spontaneous Large Group Expression - If an individual or small group of individuals within the MGA community, while engaging in spontaneous expression, attracts a group of 30 or more persons (not including those who may gather to protest the expression), then a representative from the group should provide the University with as much notice as circumstances reasonably permit. MGA reserves the right to direct a group of 30 or more persons to one of the Designated Campus Areas or another available area of campus in order to ensure the safety of campus members, to provide for proper crowd control, and to limit disruption of the academic and other operations of the University. The MGA official must not consider or impose restrictions based on the content or viewpoint of the expression when relocating any expression.